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Join us for our third show of the season

Show Dates: February 21-23, 28-29, and May 1, 2020

Director: David Sebren


Music Director: Micaela Bundy


Choreographer: Alli Mae Carnes

Thanks to all of the people who came out to audition for Matilda! Here is the cast list and a note from the director below:

From the director,

Thank you to everyone who auditioned for Matilda at Gallery Players. Thank you for your patience and your hard work during the audition process. I know it is long and exhausting. We saw 60 people over three days, with auditions, dance auditions, and call backs. The production team had many difficult decisions to make. Unfortunately we cannot use everyone. Please continue to audition for future shows at Gallery Players, and continue to be involved in the arts at your school, and other local arts organizations. I hope that you will be able to come and support the cast of Matilda.

Thank you again,

David Sebren

Isiah Findley- Rudolpho
 Maclaren Croy- Amanda
Savannah Martin- Big Kid
Melody Joyce- Alice
Grace Cole- Adult Ensemble
Liza Self- Big Kid
Aiden Armstrong- Big Kid
Seth Hansard- Michael
Ria Shah- Eric
Chloe Anderson- Adult Ensemble

Kiara Rodriguez- Big Kid
Miriam Vines- Ms. Honey
Sophia Unger- Lavender/Matilda US
Story Johnson- Tommy
Hannah Krasinski- Big Kid
Maugan McLaughlin- Classmate
Maggie Boyd- Big Kid
Julia Stewart- Big Kid
Cassidy Pruitt- Acrobat / Nurse
Lillie Wilson- Hortensia
Alfonso Lancaster- Big Kid
Megan Weiss- Big Kid
Jay Smith- Trunchbull
Jay Wiley- Big Kid
Zyyihr Wiley- Nigel
Izzy Wiley- Bruce
Khydijah Wiley- Ms. Phelps
Sarah Bock-Matilda
Linnea Bethany- Mrs. Wormwood
Wes Joyce- Mr. Wormwood
Scott Cronin- Entertainer / Sergei

Chris Inhulsen- Doctor / Escapologist
Carrie Sippy- Featured Adult Ensemble

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