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Audition info

Welcome all!


Gallery Players welcomes everyone to audition for a show. As non-traditional casting is encouraged, persons of all ethnic origins, ages (unless indicated otherwise), and social backgrounds are invited to audition. It’s a diverse world; let’s have a diverse stage! No experience necessary. If you’ve never “done” theatre before, that’s OK. It’s all a learning experience. Come join us!

A little on audition etiquette first, please…

When all else fails, common politeness and courtesy goes a long way. Use it.

Please remain as quiet as possible while waiting for your turn to audition. Others need to focus and prepare as well.

Don’t make excuses for a lackluster audition. If you have reasons why you will not be 100%, list them on your audition sheet somewhere. It looks better if the director knows up front that you’re having difficulties (cold, hurt knee, etc.) instead of waiting for you to make excuses as to why you didn’t do well. Just do your best and make no apologies. This shows the director that you’re confident of your abilities.

When you’re doing the reading audition, of course, you will want to show the director that you can work with others. Listen to those you are reading with and respond to what they are saying. The director is not only looking to see if you can read the script and act a part, he or she wants to see how well you work with other actors.

Take chances, but with conviction. Whether singing or reading, make a commitment to a style or character. But have conviction. It shows the director that you’ve made a conscious effort to interpret a song or develop a particular character. Don’t be surprised if the director asks you to redo a part of your audition a different way. It simply means that he or she saw something in you, and wants to see if you can take direction well.

Don’t make derogatory comments about the audition process or the staff to ANYONE. If word gets back to the director or staff that you are making such comments, it may effect your ability to be cast. Be positive!

OK, on with the auditions!

Upon arrival at the Paramount Theater, you will be asked to complete an audition sheet, a volunteer sheet, a conflict sheet, and have your photo taken (if you don’t have a recent one already on file).

If you would prefer to complete the audition sheet before arriving, you may view it here. Please fill in the form, and print.  Please note the table at the end of the audition sheet is a template for you to write in your conflicts in a monthly format.  Also below, you will find Gallery's Expectation sheet. 




Please click on the individual links below to find more detailed information about each show's auditions:

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