2020-2021 Season


As we reach the month of June in this, the year 2020, we as a community have endured great hardships. We face great adversity in the wake of a global pandemic which has rocked the entire globe. The performance arts community has been heavily affected by this pandemic, and we The Gallery Players feel your pain. As an organization, we strive to stand strong and address this event with all our faculties. The Gallery Players formed the Covid-19 Task Force to collectively gather ideas from some of the most brilliant minds in our community and assess the situation. With an examination of the facts, great deliberations, and considering the health and safety of our audiences, staff, and actors, The Gallery Players has decided upon a course of action.

The Gallery Players has decided to postpone all productions until the Spring of 2021.

This decision was not made in haste and we have explored every avenue we deemed possible for our organization. We take this action with heavy hearts, but we will not allow our dedication to the arts to falter during this brief reprieve. We, as a community theater group, will continue to be an important part of our community and continue to uphold our mission of providing people of all races, color, gender, religion, or sexual orientation, an avenue to express themselves in a positive and exciting way. What does this mean for the 2020-2021 season?

The Gallery Players will end our reprieve with “The Color Purple” this coming spring. We are excited to work with our very talented staff that have been previously chosen to undertake such an important piece of work. We will then continue our tradition of quality theater with our 2021-2022 season by providing our audiences and patrons a chance to see the works we had previously chosen for our 2020-2021 season. Cinderella, Dashing Through the Snow, Fame, and Crowns. All previously chosen staff will be guaranteed the opportunity to keep their position in these productions at the later dates. The current cast of Crowns will be offered their roles at its later date, as well.

The Gallery Players thanks our community for their continued support, and we look to you to help us keep the arts alive during this difficult time. Over the course of the coming season, we will depend upon you, our community, more than ever for your support. Please contribute to our venue fund, participate in virtual activities, visit our website at www.thegalleryplayersonline.org and join us in serving the community through art. Stay tuned for information on our participation in the Arts walk in downtown Burlington. If you wish to volunteer and help us make a difference, contact us at galleryplayerswebsite@gmail.com.

We are extremely grateful to our community!